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5 Tips for Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Protect your investment in carpets with a planned maintenance program by a professional commercial carpet cleaning company. A systematic approach will not only extend the life of your carpets and their overall appearance, it’s been proven that the cleaner the carpets, the better the air quality in your building.

Preventive maintenance is key. Keep as much dirt as possible from entering the building by placing walk-off mats both outside and inside of the entrances.

Vacuum regularly to remove loose dirt and abrasive soil to keep damage to a minimum.
Quickly remove spots and spills to minimize staining. In another article, I’ll suggest specific approaches to clean up tougher stains such as coffee, wax, gum, etc.

Even with regular vacuuming, some dirt and soil will be left behind. A commercial carpet cleaning professional can provide periodic deep hot water extraction using a truck-mount system, combined with the right cleaning solution, which is the most effective and proven way to remove embedded soils. Heavily trafficked areas should be cleaned 4-8 times per year; while less used areas can be cleaned 1-3 times per year.

Don’t wait for your carpets to look dirty before starting a restorative cleaning procedure; by then, the heavy soils may have caused permanent damage.

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