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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Myth Busters

Avoid these misconceptions about commercial carpet cleaning to keep your carpets looking their best:

#1: You should wait as long as possible before cleaning your commercial carpets.

FALSE. Dirt is abrasive, causing your carpets to wear out faster. Regular vacuuming helps, but regular hot water extraction cleaning with a truck mount system from a commercial janitorial services company is the best way to minimize permanent damage.

#2: The only reason to clean carpets is to remove visible dirt.

FALSE. The air contains pollen, bacteria, pollution, smoke, dust, exhaust and a myriad of other contaminants which can become absorbed in your commercial carpets. They can be removed, however, with proper deep cleaning.

#3: All carpet cleaning methods are more or less adequate.

FALSE. Popular “dry” and low moisture cleaning methods do NOT truly clean your carpets. Instead, these procedures leave a dirty reside that can often accelerate re-soiling. Truck mount hot water extraction is the most effective method to really clean your commercial carpets.

#4: Having the right equipment is all a company needs to clean carpets well.

FALSE. The best commercial janitorial service companies have the right equipment, but they also have employees who are professionally trained and certified.

#5: The company offering the lowest price is the company you should hire.

FALSE. Low bid companies may not provide you with the service you expect and require. Quality may suffer and the end result is frequently much less than satisfactory. And the price offered initially may very well not be the price you pay ultimately.

#6: An honest cleaning company should be able to give you a firm price over the phone or as a result of a quick “walk through” inspection.

FALSE. The cost should be based on a number of factors including square footage, the type of carpet, the overall condition of the carpet, the amount of soiling and the expected frequency of the cleaning assignment. Carpets cleaned only once a year or not cleaned in the past 2-4 years frequently take longer to clean than carpets cleaned six months ago.

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